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General We should note that none of our experiments involve any pain or deception. You will be asked to solve some decision problem, sometimes interacting with others via a computer. Payments are usually made immediately after the end of the experimental session. We should note that places on experimental sessions are usually limited and frequently there are more people who want to book a place in an experiment than there are places available. Occasionally people who have booked do not show up. As you might imagine, this causes problems for us and for the other participants. As a consequence, we will eliminate from the hroot register people who book a place in an experiment but who do not show up and do not proffer a valid excuse. Also, because of the fact that not all people who book actually turn up, we typically book in a small number of reserves. Those reserves that are not needed are paid a consolation fee, usually of £2.50, for turning up. Privacy Policy When you register you will be asked to give us some personal details. We use these solely to organise our experiments and will never pass them on to anyone else. You can unsubscribe from our register at any time using the unsubscribe button on your account profile. If you do that we will not contact you again. In an experiment you make decisions which we record. We use these decision data for our scientific work, which we aim to publish and present in talks. Your decisions are anonymous: we are not interested in the identity of who made each particular set of decisions and in our work we never identify individual participants. We keep a record of which experiments you take part in though, because we may not want to invite you to an experiment if you have participated in a similar one already. We also keep a record of the experiments you sign up to but fail to attend. At the end of an experiment you will be asked to complete a receipt for any money that you are paid. This receipt will include the date of the experiment, your name, signature and amount paid. We pass these on to the University finance department who retain them as proof of payment.

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